My Dorm Room Quilts

It has been a few months since I moved back into my college dorm room to continue my junior year of college, and I’ve decided to share some photos of the quilts and quilted items that I have in my dorm room.

First, I have this whole-cloth quilt that I made for my bed at the beginning of last semester. I had used the quilt prior to this one for about four years, so I was ready for a change. I chose several quilting patterns, and transitioned from one to the next to create a variety of long-arm quilting designs for this quilt. I enjoyed the chance to play around with some of my favorite quilting designs, and some new ones that I had seen!


img_5697    img_5694

Second, I have quilted cushions for my “window seat.” When I moved into this room for the first time last semester, I saw the wide windowsill and knew I had to make cushions for a window seat. So when I went home for spring break I did just that! Since I’m living in the same room again this school year, I brought my window cushions along again as well.

img_5726  img_5727

Finally, I made this chevron lap quilt a few years ago with fabric that my mom gifted to me. The color scheme matches my chair perfectly, and makes for a great place for me to study, and for my stuffed animals to hang out. You can see more pictures of this quilt, and read about my design process by checking out my Sampler Snapshot post.

img_5698  img_5700

I can’t go far from my quilts, and my dorm room certainly is proof of that fact! I love how they give a comfortable feel to my room decor, and they are perfect for staying warm and cozy as fall and winter approach!

~ By Kathryn


Kirstin’s Quilt

My younger sister made her first quilt this summer! I’m a little late in posting these photos to my blog, but here they finally are  🙂

Kirstin has helped me out in the past by assisting with cutting the fabric for some of the quilts I have made, and with that practice she was ready to make a quilt by herself this summer.


Kirstin loves the pink and zebra color scheme, so for this quilt she asked me to do long-arm quilting that looked like zebra stripes in the pink chevrons. Since the multi-colored fabrics had busy patterns that would hide most of the long-arm quilting, I chose to do fun bubbles as a filler.

IMG_5339    IMG_5342

The finished quilt looks great in Kirstin’s pink and zebra bedroom!

~ By Kathryn

Sampler Snapshot

I’m excited to share some photos today of a sampler quilt that I made a few years ago.

img_5708   img_5718

My mom had gifted me the fabric which sat unused in my project box for several months. I absolutely loved the colors and patterns, but I was waiting until I came across just the right project to use the fabric for. As I was scrolling through Pinterest one day I saw a chevron quilt pattern and I knew that this was the pattern that I’d been looking for to go with these fabrics. Once I settled on a project idea I jumped right in, and in this case I was especially excited to get to the machine quilting stage! That provided plenty of motivation to finish piecing the quilt top in a relatively short amount of time.

img_5716  img_5715img_5713  img_5709

Most of the fabrics have patterns which hide the custom machine quilting to some extent. Because of this I saved some of my favorite quilting patterns for the solid chevrons. I had so much fun long-arm quilting on a smaller scale then I usually do, as well as quilting a different pattern in each chevron stripe.

The photos of the back of this quilt are a little crazy to look at because I chose a polka-dot fabric, but these two photos allow you to see some of the different designs that I did in each of the chevrons. (Note: if you want the custom long-arm quilting that you have done on your quilt to show up well on the back, choose a solid fabric for your backing).

img_5720   img_5719

I was so happy with how this quilt turned out, and it perfectly matches the chair that I have in my room (now in my college dorm room)! It’s the perfect spot to curl up with a textbook to do some studying, or with a good book to enjoy a few lazy afternoon hours!


~By Kathryn

Basketball & Bridges

My little brother (who’s only little cause he is younger than me… Height wise he has me beat) moved into his first apartment earlier this summer, so my mom and I teamed up to make him this quilt as an apartment warming gift. He is a big fan of the Golden State Warriors pro-basketball team, so we used their team colors in this quilt.


When deciding how to custom quilt this throw sized quilt, mom and I realized that the piecing design created spaces that looked similar to the Golden Gate Bridge which is the logo for the Warriors basketball team.

IMG_5322   IMG_5326

This custom quilting definitely gave me lots of extra practice in free-hand quilting straight lines both vertically in the blue spaces, and horizontally in the yellow pieces. My brother was pleased with the result, and the quilt adds lots of fun color to his living room!

By Kathryn

Into The West

This quilt has a very special place in my heart. I made it for my boyfriend, Ben, as a gift for his college graduation. I wanted to create a quilt that told the story of the first months of our relationship.


I’m probably a bit partial to our story, because it’s ours, but it has some really fun aspects that made a story quilt a great gift.

We met in college at a 16-month Associate of Liberal Arts program named Rivendell Sanctuary. The name of the school was inspired by the home of the elves, Rivendell, in J.R.R. Tolkien’s, The Lord Of The Rings. When deciding on fabrics for the quilt, it was only fitting that I included portions of a map of Middle Earth.

IMG_5059  IMG_5058

For 5 weeks of our time at Rivendell (during Ben’s third semester, and my fourth and final semester) our classes traveled to Italy to study the Fine Arts. Although Ben and I had been on the same small campus at Rivendell for about 9 months prior to the trip, our paths had rarely crossed so we didn’t really know each other beyond our names. In Assisi, Italy, we went on what I like to call an “accidental” pizza date, and realized that we enjoyed talking with each other and spending time together. Naturally, I decided to include some fabric with famous locations in Italy (many of which we visited) in this quilt.


When we returned from Italy I graduated from the Rivendell program, and Ben had one semester remaining. I transferred to a different college to work on completing my Bachelor’s degree. Ben came to see me each week at my new college, and one of our first homework date spots was the library on the campus of my school. After a few of those homework dates in the library, Ben asked me to date him and I said yes! I added some book fabric in the quilt to highlight that time of our relationship.

IMG_5060  IMG_5045

I wanted to add a few hobbies and likes that Ben has to fill out my selection of specialty fabrics for the quilt. Ben plays guitar (quite well, if I do say so myself), and he regularly wears plaid shirts, so I thought that some fabrics along those lines would work well with my color scheme and story quilt concept.

Along with the special fabrics that I chose, I added some extra blues and tans to complete my fabric choices!

IMG_5061  IMG_5056

From the pictures you can see the overall long-arm quilting design that I chose for the quilt. I wanted to keep it simple so as not to distract from the fabric designs. In the border I did a different design to mix it up and give me a chance to play around with multiple designs!

IMG_5065  IMG_5062

I put a label on the back with some details about the quilt (I blurred the picture). I chose the quilt name because at the end of Tolkien’s “The Lord Of The Rings,” the elves (who live at Rivendell) sail away from Middle Earth, into the west. Ben and his classmates are leaving their time of education at Rivendell and heading off into the west, so to speak, to live their lives.

IMG_5063 - Copy

Needless to say, I had some sentimental moments while planning, creating, and long-arm quilting this gift for Ben. I loved seeing the picture that I had in my mind take shape as I added the special fabrics and created the layout. And, as always, I enjoyed tying it all together with the long-arm quilting!

The months of our relationship that this quilt captures had some amazing and unique adventures in them, and I am excited to see what adventures the future months have for Ben and I!

By Kathryn


Bright Colors & Bubbles

This lap-sized quilt made from a jelly roll was packed full of bright colors!


When deciding what design to long-arm quilt I chose a variation of the basic loop, bubbles, to complement the circle patterns that were in so many of the fabric designs. I also chose a light thread color to contrast with the darker fabric shades so that the quilting would show up on the majority of the finished quilt.


In addition to the fun, bright colors on the quilt top, the backing fabric for this quilt was a beautiful blue fabric! Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I love how this fabric highlights the bright fabrics in the quilt top and shows off the long-arm quilting so well.


This quilt was fun, simple, and colorful! I had so much fun adding the bubbles to it!

By Kathryn