Kirstin’s Quilt

My younger sister made her first quilt this summer! I’m a little late in posting these photos to my blog, but here they finally are ¬†ūüôā

Kirstin has helped me out in the past by assisting with cutting the fabric for some of the quilts I have made, and with that practice she was ready to make a quilt by herself this summer.


Kirstin loves the pink and zebra color scheme, so for this quilt she asked me to do long-arm quilting that looked like zebra stripes in the pink chevrons. Since the multi-colored fabrics had busy patterns that would hide most of the long-arm quilting, I chose to do fun bubbles as a filler.

IMG_5339    IMG_5342

The finished quilt looks great in Kirstin’s pink and zebra bedroom!

~ By Kathryn


Bright Colors & Bubbles

This lap-sized quilt made from a jelly roll was packed full of bright colors!


When deciding what design to long-arm quilt I chose a variation of the basic loop, bubbles, to complement the circle patterns that were in so many of the fabric designs. I also chose a light thread color to contrast with the darker fabric shades so that the quilting would show up on the majority of the finished quilt.


In addition to the fun, bright colors on the quilt top, the backing fabric for this quilt was a beautiful blue fabric! Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I love how this fabric highlights the bright fabrics in the quilt top and shows off the long-arm quilting so well.


This quilt was fun, simple, and colorful! I had so much fun adding the bubbles to it!

By Kathryn