This quilt was pieced by my mom and custom long-arm quilted by me a few months ago as an apartment warming gift for my older brother. We chose browns and blacks for a color scheme to match the furniture that my brother has in his new place.img_1147

To stay with the rectangle theme, I used the long-arm machine to custom quilt squares all over the quilt. This was great practice for me in free-handing straight lines, and my brother was quite impressed when he saw the finished quilting!

img_1140-2   img_1133-2img_1153-2

This quilt looks great in the living area of my brother’s apartment, and it is super comfy to curl up with while watching a football game on the TV… (I know because I’ve done it)!

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~ By Kathryn


Basketball & Bridges

My little brother (who’s only little cause he is younger than me… Height wise he has me beat) moved into his first apartment earlier this summer, so my mom and I teamed up to make him this quilt as an apartment warming gift. He is a big fan of the Golden State Warriors pro-basketball team, so we used their team colors in this quilt.


When deciding how to custom quilt this throw sized quilt, mom and I realized that the piecing design created spaces that looked similar to the Golden Gate Bridge which is the logo for the Warriors basketball team.

IMG_5322   IMG_5326

This custom quilting definitely gave me lots of extra practice in free-hand quilting straight lines both vertically in the blue spaces, and horizontally in the yellow pieces. My brother was pleased with the result, and the quilt adds lots of fun color to his living room!

By Kathryn