T-Shirts Quilts 1.0

T-shirt quilts are so special and unique!  I love getting to spend time thinking about the stories behind each of the shirt squares as I add my custom, long-arm machine quilting.


The varity of T-shirts in the quilt had enough in common color wise to create a really neat color scheme of grays, reds, and blacks.

img_1184-2   img_1182-2img_1190-2

I added a combination of loops, swirls, and feathers with some echoing to this quilt with the long-arm machine.


The gray flannel backing fabric shows off the custom quilting very well, and makes the finished quilt so cozy! This was a fabulous quilt to work with, and having the privilege of adding my custom quilting to it made me so happy!

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~By Kathryn


Swirls & Feathers

Doing the long-arm quilting on this client’s gorgeous quilt was so enjoyable for me! The piecing that she did on this quilt is stunning, and my goal when choosing the long-arm quilting design was simply to highlight the wonderful piecing.


I used the long-arm machine to add swirls and feathering to offset all of the straight lines, and to add some motion to the quilt.

IMG_5174   IMG_5175IMG_5178   IMG_5179

And here is a photo of the quilt back where you can see all of the swirls.


By Kathryn