A Classic Pattern – Sunbonnet Sue

This quilt top from a new client was a joy to work with! The Sunbonnet Sue block is a classic pattern and makes for a lovely quilt. Everything about this quilt from the fabrics to the design to the impeccable applique work was perfection!


My client wanted a softer look with the custom long-arm quilting and chose an over-all loops pattern like the one on this baby quilt. It compliments the block piecing pattern very well!

IMG_6487    IMG_6480

I am so grateful for the opportunity to add custom quilting to wonderful quilts like this one that my clients have put so much time and effort into. One of my favorite parts is seeing how the long-arm quilting makes a pieced quilt top look and feel like a quilt. The more I custom long-arm quilt for myself and others, the more I love quilts of all patterns and sizes!

Thanks for visiting the blog today – I hope to see you here again soon for photos and stories of more fun quilts that come across the quilting machine in the upcoming weeks!

~ Kathryn


T-Shirt Quilts 2.0

The T-shirt quilt pictured here, and the T-shirt quilt I posted about here were made by sisters with the help of their grandma. Even though they both used the same sashing fabric and layout design, I love how their individual personalities came through in the different T-shirts they used.


When I asked what type of long-arm quilting design the customer wanted, she told me to do an over-all design similar to what I have done for her in the past. She likes a little variety in the quilting.

img_1198-2   img_1201-2

To go along with the fun colors, I decided to do loops and add in some echoed loops to mix things up a bit. I made sure to do some of the echoed loops in areas of plain fabric so that they would show up more.

img_1203-2   img_1204-2img_1211-2

This quilt had this fun, flannel fabric for a backing which will make it a wonderful quilt to have on hand a winter approaches!

~ By Kathryn

T-Shirts Quilts 1.0

T-shirt quilts are so special and unique!  I love getting to spend time thinking about the stories behind each of the shirt squares as I add my custom, long-arm machine quilting.


The varity of T-shirts in the quilt had enough in common color wise to create a really neat color scheme of grays, reds, and blacks.

img_1184-2   img_1182-2img_1190-2

I added a combination of loops, swirls, and feathers with some echoing to this quilt with the long-arm machine.


The gray flannel backing fabric shows off the custom quilting very well, and makes the finished quilt so cozy! This was a fabulous quilt to work with, and having the privilege of adding my custom quilting to it made me so happy!

Thanks for visiting the blog today!

~By Kathryn

Sampler Snapshot

I’m excited to share some photos today of a sampler quilt that I made a few years ago.

img_5708   img_5718

My mom had gifted me the fabric which sat unused in my project box for several months. I absolutely loved the colors and patterns, but I was waiting until I came across just the right project to use the fabric for. As I was scrolling through Pinterest one day I saw a chevron quilt pattern and I knew that this was the pattern that I’d been looking for to go with these fabrics. Once I settled on a project idea I jumped right in, and in this case I was especially excited to get to the machine quilting stage! That provided plenty of motivation to finish piecing the quilt top in a relatively short amount of time.

img_5716  img_5715img_5713  img_5709

Most of the fabrics have patterns which hide the custom machine quilting to some extent. Because of this I saved some of my favorite quilting patterns for the solid chevrons. I had so much fun long-arm quilting on a smaller scale then I usually do, as well as quilting a different pattern in each chevron stripe.

The photos of the back of this quilt are a little crazy to look at because I chose a polka-dot fabric, but these two photos allow you to see some of the different designs that I did in each of the chevrons. (Note: if you want the custom long-arm quilting that you have done on your quilt to show up well on the back, choose a solid fabric for your backing).

img_5720   img_5719

I was so happy with how this quilt turned out, and it perfectly matches the chair that I have in my room (now in my college dorm room)! It’s the perfect spot to curl up with a textbook to do some studying, or with a good book to enjoy a few lazy afternoon hours!


~By Kathryn

Baby Blocks

There are few things cuter than baby quilts, and this one was no exception! My grandma hand embroidered the blocks for this quilt which was a shower gift for my cousin and her husband who are expecting their first baby very soon!


When choosing a quilting design I wanted to be sure that the embroidered blocks were highlighted by the long-arm quilting. I used the long-arm machine to echo each of the embroidered animals and blocks.

IMG_5423   IMG_5422

To fill in the rest of the quilt, I long-arm quilted larger loops to look like bubbles for a playful look. The bubbles also matched the backing fabric that this quilt had.

IMG_5429   IMG_5430

This was a fun quilt to add custom quilting to on the long-arm machine and I can’t wait to hold the new baby when he or she arrives!

~ By Kathryn